Quick summary of the OpenSim-In-A-Box

March 26, 2010

After some workload induced pause will try to gain momentum again.

Just to wrap up, the story so far:

Open-Sim-In-A-Box, pt 0 – voices in the amazon cloud
Open-Sim-In-A-Box, pt 1 – setting it up in the cloud
Open-Sim-In-A-Box, pt 2 – enabling hypergrid

Kudos for this goes to the KoPIWA project, which also starred part-time Justin Clark-Casey, OpenSimulator Developer supreme.

Dirk Krause and Justin Clark-Casey

Dirk Krause and Justin Clark-Casey on the KoPIWA Symposium

Turns out it was ‘project of the month’ on the DLR website as of February 2010 (via). The results are available (german) and a paper (english) will be published soon.

There is also an extremely interesting follow-up project on the UDE (Universität Duisburg-Essen) which is described in greater detail on the KoPIWA Serious Games in 3D Blog (german, english).  This project will be finalized this month, so there should be interesting results coming up.