‘OpenSim-in-a-box’ pt1: setting it up in the cloud

So, how do you install the OpenSim-in-a-box into the cloud?

  • goto the AWS console
  • open the ‘Launch Instance’ dialog, select the public images tab ‘Community AMIs’
  • search for OpenSim-in-a-box, and select the latest version

  • run 1 small instance with your keypair and the default security group

  • optional: get elastic IP
  • optional: get a dyndns (or similar) entry that point so the elastic IP

Then you switch to your favourite ssh client and

Important: open the right ports for freeswitch and OpenSim

Yes, these are quite few (mostly freeswitch) but you need to do this only the first time. You do this in the security group section of the AWS console.

tcp: 22 for SSH
tcp and udp: 9000-9005
[Provisioning for 6 regions on 9000 – 9005]#


22 (for ssh)

16384 – 32768



(or 9000 to 9000+N with N= number of regions, provided you entered these ports while creating the regions)

[EDITED missing ports]

25 Responses to ‘OpenSim-in-a-box’ pt1: setting it up in the cloud

  1. labsji says:

    Here are a few more ports that are to be opened for smooth functioning of Opensim on EC2:
    tcp: 22 for SSH
    tcp and udp: 9000-9005
    [Provisioning for 6 regions on 9000 – 9005]

    Good initiative @dirkk , Hat tip!

  2. Dirk says:

    @labsji: you are absolutely right, of course, dont know how I missed it – thx! I’ll add this.

  3. Dirk says:

    I just see that you did Sim-On-Demand!

    So let me plug the link here for people to check out: http://labsji.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/sim-ondemand-application-opensim-as-data-visualization-tool/

  4. labsji says:

    Thanks for linking. My experience with ec2 based on Sim-OnDemand is, releasing an AMI to keep up with the opensim evolution is not very viable. The bundling, releasing part is easy( I use a build script to do that). It gets complex with users wanting their data migrated to the new version. It gets too technical for many users.
    Some of such learnings are getting incorporated in the next version. Dont ask me when it is going to be released – as you mentioned in one of your tweets, ‘things are more involved than anticipated’.
    Initiatives like this are encouraging – it just validates that there is market for the Cloud + Opensim combo.

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  7. Venkatesh says:

    A quite useful offering indeed. However, I’m having trouble getting voice to work. I haven’t tweaked the freeswitch installation coming with the AMI in any way. I’ve created a security group with all ports open for quick testing. I’m totally new to freeswitch and hence am at a loss when it comes to troubleshooting. Is there any specific configuration required on the client side?

    • Dirk says:


      there is a couple of questions that I have regarding your specific installation:
      – can you ping the instance?
      – can you confirm that both OpenSimulator and FreeSwitch are running?
      – can you log in to the OpenSimulator?
      – did you enable voice chat? (Edit > Preferences, then enable Voice Chat)
      – How did you open ‘all’ ports? Remember: you have to open some ports for both TCP and UDP.

      It is also important that you enable voice chat for the estate in World > Region/Estate/Estate tab.

      Keep us posted of your progress!

      • Venkatesh says:

        Hi Dirk,
        Thanks for the reply. I have both Opensim and FS running, am able to login to the region, enabled voice in the region/estate and also user preferences settings. I’m able to see the dot above the avatar’s head indicating that voice is enabled. I’m also able to see the SIP registrations in the FS console.

        I’ve created a Security Group with ports 0 through 65535 open (both tcp and udp ports)

        Any pointers in this regard is appreciated.


      • Venkatesh says:

        I see a log in FS console which says “Auto Changing port from “my home pc’s local ip”:”port” to “my home pc’s external ip”:”port”

      • Venkatesh says:

        I see a log in FS console which says “Auto Changing port from : to :

  8. Venkatesh says:

    Hi Dirk,
    Thanks for the response.


  9. Dirk says:

    “I’m able to see the dot above the avatar’s head indicating that voice is enabled.” This indicates that everything seems to be ok …?

    Are you sure that there isn’t a trivial reason you didn’t think of yet? For example you need to be logged in with a second avatar to hear anything, headphones not plugged in, you know these kind of things. I recall spending time and time again in finding these errrors in my own attempts… :-/ ….

    • Venkatesh says:

      Hi Dirk,
      I guess I have taken care of such trivial but important things to the maximum extent :). I suspect it could be a problem with freeswitch being unable to talk back to my client. Came across many posts in the opensim and FS mailing lists about issues in NAT and home routers for FS. Could this be a possibility? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. Venkatesh says:

    Got it working Dirk!!! Thanks a ton for the time you spent testing it with me and keep up the good work! This came in really handy when I decided to move my region to the cloud. You guys have done a fantastic job.

  11. Mitch says:

    I see version 1.03 as the latest. Just wondering if there was a newer version? I did manage to bring the servr up and get it running but apparntly am using the wrong internal IP as I lock up and time out on Region Handshake. Any ideas? I use the raw internal ip provides and it locks it up, if I try the internal dns it tells me that I have to use just the raw internal ip.

    Thanks for your work on this, very helpful indeed.


    • Dirk says:

      Hi Mitch!

      Regarding newer version – there is none for the moment, I am afraid. Is there something you are missing on this particular one.

      @ip: the way to solve this is to create a so-called ‘elastic ip’ in the AWS/EC2 mangement console, and associate it with your running instance. This IP you can use for the regions settings and everything should work fine.

      Please post here if this worked for you!


      • Mitch says:

        IM IN!!! Thanks Dirk!!

        I left the Internal IP at and used the Elastic IP as the External IP.. Worked like a charm…

        The complexities in AMI launch and initialization did take a lot of time.. I managed to figure out on relaunch 4 or 5 that the password to get into the image was ‘ubuntu’… I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed though…

        All that said, I got the sim up and logged in, still waiting for my clothes to load though… Wonder how version would perform, and how one could make the world persistent so a different instance could take over when the sim restarted I asume you could set up a mysql instance or maybe use amazons simplDB solution.

        What tools does it take to create my own AMI? maybe with a diva distro version in megaregion configuration?

        Thanks again!!

      • Dirk says:

        On my (very long) todo list is how to save and restore whole OpenSim setups over Amazon instances (and – in my case – our KitchenSim(tm) :-) ). You don’t need to save whole instances to achieve that, but it’s one way to do this.

        I will document both of this as soon as I can.

  12. Mitch says:

    Hiya Dirk,

    I have been playing with ec2 and have a nice server set up to use mono and mysql, just cant figur out how to get my special version of Open Sim onto the Amazon server so I can configure and start it there?

    I am fairly noob at Linux Remote Consoling in software updates or additions. Any clues on how to get the files from my desktop into the ec2 clouds local drive so I can launch it is greatly appreciated.

    • Dirk says:


      I am in the process of preparing a couple of shell scripts to do that – how about I’ll send them to you, I’ll walk you through the process via Google Talk (or the likes) and when we see that it works for you, I’ll publish them in a new blog post?

  13. ______ says:


    I have found this blog posts very interesting. Is this information still valid? Where is it possible to download OpenSim-in-a-box described in post?
    Is OpenSim-in-a-box compatibile with Amazon still?

    • Dirk says:

      Actually this is quite outdated; part of this should still work, though. Especially you can still install the OpenSimulator in the cloud. The whole voice approach is pretty much outdated. If you are interested in that, check the Vivox offer explained on Maria Korolovs blog.

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