The name of this blog ist web3d mainly of historical reasons.

Since I played early FPS with multiplayer support (Marathon, anyone?) it seemed clear to me that there could be virtual worlds in synthesized environments for entertainment, social and business realms – not necessarily the same one.

Since then several waves of ‘3D virtual worlds’ hit the internet, with different success, the last one being Second Life.

This blog comments on various possibilities to create or experience the 3D world technologies. Turns out that the latest browser generations (as of March 2011) deploy OpenGL into the browser – in hindsight the title ‘web3d’ for this blog may be more justifiable than I originally thought.

To reach me send an email to dirkk0 youknowthesign gmail.com and feel free to leave comments.

See also my videos regarding WebGL here: http://goo.gl/dbGlFe.

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