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September 16, 2009

Introducing OpenSim Inventory Archives (Justin Clark-Casey)
Title say it all.

Robo^2 (Sienna)
Customisable Bot Client for SL and OpenSim.

3D Explorer
Plug-In-Less (hmm … Java)  Browser-based Web3D collaboration Service.

Educators in Virtual Worlds on Open Sim – the pioneers … (Learn 4 Life)
Great article about eLearning in virtual worlds.

The Interface: 2D to 3D (Larry Rosenthal)
Title say it all.

Evaluating Blue Mars (Gwyneth Llewelyn)
Very informal article about Blue Mars.

Original White Paper from Philip Rosedale and Cory Ondrejka on Gamasutra in 2003
A blast from the past.

Next OpenSim-In-A-Box version will include Megaregions

September 11, 2009

…yes, you heard right.

With the latest buzz on Adam Frisby’s success in adding Megaregions to the OpenSimulator (see the original posting here and more info there on Adam’s Blog) we decided to make a giant leap (sic!) by switching to an even newer version then we intended that will feature this great acchievement.

For obvious reasons we will wait a bit until it is more stable and documented but this whole development is very exciting … and Megaregions add up so nicely to Hypergrids :-).