‘OpenSim-in-a-box’ pt2: enabling Hypergrid

OpenSimulator introduces a very cool concept called Hypergrid which is explained in more detail here.  In general it means that you can link regions from different grids together. The benefit is that you can teleport to regions from completely different grids, wearing your assets and inventory.

To make it easy for OpenSim-in-a-box users it is hypergrid-enabled by default, so since it is turned on at start up you only need to link the regions together:

  • start up the region
  • start up your viewer and log into your grid
  • ‘set home to here’ in the ‘world’ (this is important! or you can’t come back easily)
  • now on the OpenSim console enter
    link-region 1002 1002 ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu 9003
    to set the UCIgrid region to position 1002, 1002
  • if you open the map now, you see a new region north-east
  • teleport there by clicking on it (again: make sure you set your home position first)
  • now you are on the UCI Hypergrid!
  • to come back you need to teleport home

The regions ‘see each other’ only on the map, not inworld.  So you can’t simply fly over there, you need to teleport.

  • To unlink the region you enter
    unlink-region <regionname>
    on the OpenSim console (in this particular example unlink-region “Gateway 3000” )

Of course you can also start up two (or more) OpenSim-in-a-boxes then you always have the chance to link back so that all regions are linked to each other. The coordinates should be consistent, though.

Regarding available Hypergrids: You can find a list of HyperGrid Nodes here but I am not sure which ones are active. We checked ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu:9003 and it was working.

4 Responses to ‘OpenSim-in-a-box’ pt2: enabling Hypergrid

  1. Dirk says:

    Since some questions came up, let me clarify about Grid vs. regions:

    1) If you start OpenSim-in-a-box out of the box (sic!) you have created one region explicitly and under the hood you created a so called stand-alone grid. If you will you can add more regions with ‘create region ‘ but still you have your own grid with your own user service, asset service etc.

    2) If you want to create your own bigger persistent world with your own set of users etc you will want to run a far bigger setup with seperate instances of these services. Some of them you will want to run on a seperate server hardware for performance reasons. The overall concept is descibed in more detail here.

    3) If you want to connect to one of the big grids (like OSGrid) you simply edit the OpenSim.ini file according to these instructions.

    In this case the services mentioned above are run by the grid operator so you dont have to care about it anymore; you simply connect your region(s) to the grid. In OSGrids case these service are free but usually you will want to donate something.

    Please note Justin Clark-Caseys blog entry about this.

    There are several other grids out there and also several business models, some of them competing. The Hippo OpenSim viewer has a long list of the most active grids in the grids tab – it makes sense to check these grids out to find out to which you want to connect to.

    For a full list, see the Grid List.

  2. Dirk says:

    I just learned that there is a directory of hypergrid-enabled OpenSims here:


    (via http://maxping.org/virtual-life/other/hitchhikers-guide-to-the-metaverse.aspx )

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