The Future of the SecondLife Viewer?

June 19, 2010

Meshes, multiple lights and advanced shadows?

If this has anything to do with how the SL viewer will work in the future – I’d say this is the right direction :-) :

Deferred Rendering 1


Deferred Rendering 2

Deferred Rendering 3

Screenshots stem from a link from this (open) conversation which lifted some NDA for about 5 minutes (propably a world record).

How ths goes together with the thought about an web based viewer? I don’t know. Clearly the above is not the result of some fancy HTML5 mangling nor did it happen on your average office PC.


The pictures come from this extraordinary picasa photo stream sporting 93 images all worth watching. On the other hand some of the pics are from 2008 -I didn’t learn from them until today so I don’t know how this fits in any roadmap.

Here is an video regarding meshes in the SL viewer.