Minecraft Game Server Launcher released

December 11, 2012

As I stated in my previous post I am going to open source the Minecraft Game Server Launcher (MGSL).

And I just did.

Stella Haystacks world on EC2

The MGSL is a python script that can be used to launch a Minecraft server in Amazons EC2 cloud on an Ubuntu server.

The MGSL is dead simply to use: you run ‘python mgsl.py’ once and the server starts and loads the your Minecraft world. You run it again, and your world gets stored in a safe place and the server is terminated.

That’s it

Get it  here:


Tell my if it works for you and what I can do to improve it in the comments.

MGSL (the Minecraft Game Server Launcher)

December 6, 2012

I decided to open source a project that I was working on in my spare time.

The idea behind this concept that I call MGSL (Minecraft Game Server Launcher, in lack of a better name :-) ) is that people don’t need a minecraft server 24/7. What they do need is a very simple mechanism to start and stop a server on Amazon EC2  *plus* an automatic save/load routine.

Under the hood it’s a two applications: the web interface that manages a database (based on web2py) and a python/boto script doing the hard work.
More infos soon.