More WebGL

(note: most of the links in this entry need a webgl enabled browser and somewhat decent hardware.)

Some time ago I posted this entry, stating that the combination of Node.Js and especially WebGL would be a possible Web3D solution of the future. Indeed 2011 brought us many exciting developments and especially ‘The Wilderness Downtown‘ and then ‘3 Dreams of Black‘ from Ricardo Cabello (aka Mr.doob) with a little help from Google.

But it didn’t stop there. CubicVR.js even sports physics now and comes along nicely. The ‘competitors’ – if I may say so – are not lazy either.

Scene.js calls itself a ‘3D Scene Graph Engine for WebGL’ and appears to be under heavy development.

On I found this entry that leads to a great blog called; they create a tutorial for those who want to get their hands dirty on a game engine with webgl.
There are two tutorial steps online already:
step #0
step #1

There are several other developers out there with outstanding demos. Besides the notoriously outstanding mrdoob one has to mention AlteredQualia and I also like the demos from Einar Otto Stangvik a lot.

It’s also a good sign that there are a couple of new blogs out there that deal with webgl and spread the news.

New entries on my watchlist is the beforementioned and

Also check out this beautiful demo for the js1K competition!


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