Kitley – cloud based OpenSimulators

… seem to catch up.


A little bit of history first:

The guy who started it in 2008 was Balaji Sowmyanarayan (known as labsji on twitter). He started Sim-OnDemand based on Amazons EC2 services.

Then came Pixelpark with the OpenSim-in-a-box which was partly funded by the KoPIWA research project (see Justin Clark-Caseys blog and our blog for some details), opening up OpenSimulator based worlds to the cloud and open source.

Now, according to New World Notes and HyperGridBusiness we have a tenant-capable cloud based solution with Facebook Connect: Kitely.

I didn’t have a chance to test it myself yet, but according to Maria Korolov it rocks. Big time.

Check out her articles

Kitely – all the best of luck to you!

2 Responses to Kitley – cloud based OpenSimulators

  1. Montana says:

    So is there a version of this that doesnt have voice enabled that wont charge the .10 cents an hour? I dont really need voice… its more just for me and to build a test environment and I would like to use my free tier.

  2. Dirk says:

    This entry was from 2011. Back then, the free tier from Amazon didn’t exist. Also – the charge after the free tier isn’t even 10 cents anymore, it’s way below.

    Having said that, these posts exist more for historical reasons – I have no idea what works now or not.

    Kitely seems alive and I recommend checking out Maria Korolovs blog on updates:

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