OpenSim-In-A-Box, Diva Edition

One issue with the current version of the OpenSim-In-A-Box is that there is not much content in it – you basically stand all ‘ruthed’ in a small island as in every fresh OpenSimulator installation.

Another issue is that it is not mega-region enabled and, after all this time, it is not the latest stable version.

Some time ago I talked to Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business fame who is a big fan of the famous ‘Diva Edition’ of the OpenSimulator – and now I know why.  Having played around with it the other day it solves the issues I mentioned before. This particular version is not only mega region enabled (and hypergrid enabled of course) but comes with freebie content.

Updating the OpenSim-In-A-Box is easy as pie just follow the instructions on Divas page.

Here is a screenshot of two freebie avatars standing in the environment by the OpenVCE project (for more environments check out OpensimWorlds).

And here all three with a screen from the KirstenLee viewer.

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