Procedural City

PixelCity is a fantastic project done by Shamus Young, who did something that I wanted to do for a long time and after a couple of unsatisfying experiments postponed this into the future:

He had the guts to not only succeed but also document this in an 11 part story into his blog which is well worth reading in its entirety.

The hint came from the Digital Urban Blog and it seems they got the link from FlowingData and I deliberately steal the text from Digital Urban by reciting:

Shamus Young of Twenty Sided has a fantastic walk through of creating a Procedural City, complete with source code. Shamus’s goals were to create a night time cityscape that made predominantly of of lights and suggestions rather than real detail.


The city is entirely procedurally generated, no art assets, textures or models are used – which makes for a really interesting approach, especially from our point of view of always starting from the basic model/texture and building up to the cityscape.

I could do this of course even better but just not in this century. I think.


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